Our online store operates throughout Europe and offers a wide range of payment methods to ensure our customers are comfortable and safe when shopping.
We use PrestaShop Checkout as our main payment method, which allows you to make payments quickly and securely using a variety of methods such as credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and many more others.

If you prefer to pay by bank transfer in EURO, you can do it to our bank account.

Here are the transfer details:
EUR account number: IBAN: PL 07 1870 1045 2083 1070 1185 0002

Nest Bank SA

ul. Wołoska 24
02-675 Warsaw

In order to quickly process your order, please enter the order number in our store as the title of the transfer.

We ensure that all transactions are encrypted and protected to keep your data and money safe. We look forward to your shopping in our online store! Message received.